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Experimenting with Science!

by: Miss Vanessa

date: May 12th, 2014   category: Loving Science at Olivia DiMaio!!

Toddler One Science

Loving Science at Olivia DiMaio!!!

Toddler One Classroom (Olivia DiMaio Lakeshore location) are experimenting with the children’s senses.

With a plate full of baking soda, vinegar and food colouring the children begin their science experiment.

What will happen when vinegar and baking are mixed together? With the baking soda reacting with the vinegar, outcomes an array of bubbling colors!

The children are able to manipulate the baking soda and see how it feels on their hands.  With the sensation of touch, the children enjoyed placing the baking soda in the vinegar cups and watching the foam fizz!

Toddler One ScienceToddler Once Science

Toddler Onc Science

Toddler One Science

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